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About Juridica

Juridica Investments is the leading provider of strategic capital to the business community and the legal markets for corporate claims. It invests directly and indirectly in a diversified portfolio of corporate claims in litigation and arbitration. Juridica is the premier source of value-added and direct financing for large business claims in the United States and one of the leading sources in the United Kingdom.

Our clients are Fortune 1000 companies, FT Global 500 companies, inventors, major universities, and the leading law firms that represent them. Juridica accepts only cases that have already been carefully vetted and undertaken by leading lawyers.

Juridica works to make the legal system better for business claims. Juridica does not invest in speculative claims or claims that have not demonstrated economic value and clear merits. Juridica invests only in business claims, and does not invest in class actions or personal injury, product liability, or mass tort claims.

Our simple goal is to provide business clients with financial choices that reduce risk and assist in maximising claim value.

As the premier provider of claim-related risk capital to the Fortune 1000, FT Global 500, universities, and businesses in the US and UK, Juridica seeks to provide attractive returns to its investors by selecting corporate claim assets for its portfolio that meet well-defined underwriting criteria, that are indicative of solid economic value, and that promote the company’s strategic objectives. Only a small fraction of the opportunities examined by the Investment Manager, Juridica Asset Management Limited, meet these criteria.

Juridica seeks to foster a more transparent, economically rational and efficient market for the monetisation of claims and the transfer of risk related to business claims and litigation. By treating business claims as a corporate asset (like plant, equipment and other forms of corporate property), claims can be valued and transferred in a manner that reduces both risk and litigation costs, while increasing transparency to market participants.

Juridica was launched on 21 December 2007 as a limited liability, closed-ended investment company registered in Guernsey. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM: JIL).